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MHD was founded in 1986 by Mark H. Driscoll.  With many years of experience and a desire to "do the right thing," Mark and his team consistently provide their customers with high quality workmanship and expertise.


EXPERTISE - MHD brings a wealth of experience to all its building projects.  Specifically, weather proofing homes against the harsh elements facing waterfront communities; and renovation of antique homes to maintain their historic charm while modernizing floorplans and surrounds for appearance and functionality.


DETAILS - For MHD, the difference is in the details.  Customized estimates are provided at the outset of every job. Careful planning and frequent communication ensure that there are no "surprises" and final costs generally fall within 10% of their original estimates.


RECOGNITION - MHD has consistently earned the Better Business Bureau's A+ rating.  Over the years, their work has been featured in many publications including This Old House, various newspapers and most recently The Marblehead Magazine.


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